Down the rabbit hole.... Is this real life?

When I decided to post this blog for you all to see, I couldn't decide whether to make an Alice in Wonderland reference or  Mary Poppins one. (Yes, I also occasionally watch grown up movies!) Then I remembered that Mary Poppins is "practically perfect in every way" and I am more of a hot mess express. Seriously, this was just this morning! I still don't know what happened, and yes I drank it anyway.. 

So after the coffee pot exploded, I put on my makeup and headed out the door to work; which, these days could be anywhere. Sometimes its my kitchen, or Lacy's house, Adoralee Tulsa, Adoralee Norman, or possibly Modern Love. I realized this is absolutely crazy and surprisingly, I am still pretty productive. My wakeup call happened when I got to work and I looked into my purse and found 3 (THREE!) wireless mice (mouses?) for my laptop. What do you crazy things do you have in your purse??

Seriously though, someone teach me how to make coffee?