In Case He Gets Cold Feet...

What is the biggest fear for your wedding day? I think mine will be that the groom doesn’t show up. I mean, call me superstitious, or maybe it’s just because I have seen ALLLLLLLL of the rom-coms where the groom is about to marry the wrong girl but at the last minute he doesn’t show up because he really left to go find the right girl. Then I start to feel sorry for the one he left behind. I mean, there she was, living her life, and some old news hoe comes in and steals her man. I bet she had no idea he would get cold feet and run. She thought everything would go off without a hitch and there she is crying in her something blue. I bet she didn’t do a boudoir shoot before her wedding. There is no way a man could sit there in his get ready room looking at sexy photos of his bride to be and possibly be thinking about someone else. I am sure when the time comes I will be “the one” instead of “the other one”, but just to be sure, I am going to make this cute “cold feet basket” just in case he tries to pull a Julia Roberts and gallop away on horseback.

Modern Love Oklahoma - Groom's gift

I made this example box out of things I thought were traditional gifts for a groom and then included the boudoir album for extra romance and excitement. I knew that I wanted to include a cigar and a cigar cutter, as well as mini whiskey bottles so that my pretend groom would feel relaxed and pampered, but I really didn’t know what I wanted to put everything in until I visited the cute little smoke shop on Campus Corner in Norman called Royal Pipes and Tobacco. They had such a huge cigar collection, and honestly, I know next to nothing about cigars, so I went for some of the prettiest ones. This particular shop had cigars for any price range, but I wanted to keep mine under $20 since I knew that I wanted to include some more gifts besides just the cigar. It wasn’t until I was about to check out that I saw the empty cigar boxes stacked up by the window. I instantly knew that instead of using a traditional basket I had to have one of these ornate boxes to hold all of the goodies! Some places will give empty boxes away, while some places sell them for a few dollars, but either way, it just ties this gift basket together perfectly. I also purchased a cigar cutter for a few bucks, but if you want, you could always spend a little more for a nice one and have it engraved with your honey’s initials.

Modern Love Oklahoma - Groom's gift


Next I was off to the liquor store! I decided to get my favorite whiskey for this box and let’s be honest, one mini bottle is never enough so I got two! I also threw in some chocolate gold coins in case my fictional fiancé has a sweet tooth! (You never know!) I rounded this cold feet basket out with some gold tissue paper, some rolled up cozy (but manly!) socks, and last but not least a boudoir album. Boudoir photos are the sexiest thing you could possible give your man before you say “I DO!” Our favorite boudoir photographer is Adoralee Boudoir Studio (duh!) with studios located in Norman and Tulsa. This boudoir album here is a steal for only $300 bucks! It includes 15 fully retouched images and you get fully retouched digital versions of those as well just in case you want to text one to your sweetie during his bachelor party to remind him who is in charge! Watch their Facebook page for bridal specials and giveaways. I know this month they are giving away a Victoria’s Secret gift card!

Modern Love Oklahoma - groom's gift
Modern Love oklahoma - groom's gift

Still haven’t booked a wedding photographer yet? Call us or email right away to see if your wedding date is still available and you just might win this basket to give to your brand new hubby on your special day!