We Dressed up Bob...and Ryan

Flower Dog, Ring Bearer, Best Man (dog), whatever you want to call them, include them in your big day! 

If you're like us you LOVE your pets and just as you've accepted someone new into your life so have they! Planning to have them apart of your day? Here are some tips!

Avoid accidents. Spot can't hold it all day so think of changing feeding schedule in advance.

Make your dog as comfortable. Have Fido check out the venue before the big day so he gets to sniff everything and feels comfortable in the environment. 

Be creative. There are so many ways to show how special your furry friend is to you and your future spouse, our favorite way is to include them as a Bridesmaid or Groomsmen. Your maids and men can easily hang on to a leash and little Boomer can stay close to you in front.

Be chic. My favorite part. Styling your pet. I couldn't wait to get Bob styled up for his big shoot. I didn't really know what I was in for so I suggest practicing with your clothes, accessories, and florals before the big day.